The defense in depth value of segmenting your network into different security zones is widely recognized and should be a part of every company’s security strategy. A properly segmented network will reduce the attack surface, limit an attacker’s potential to move laterally in the network, and strongly limiting the potential damage of a cyber-attack. However, segmenting your network is a major project and will change how you are managing your network.

In a short Webinar which was held on February 20th, Westermo’s Cyber Security Product Manager Niklas Mörth and Network Applications Expert Mikael Lindahl will talk about why network segmentation and creating security zones is important and where to start.

While network segmentation can be done with many different brands of switches and routers, Westermo offers some major benefits. For example, all Westermo network devices powered by WeOS (Westermo Operating System) have the capabilities of forming security zones, which allows for simple configuration and management. WeOS devices also offer a port-based firewall which means that each port can be its own security zone.

  • Strengthen your security defenses
  • Reduce the attack surface of your industrial network
  • Protect critical production assets
  • Restrict unauthorized movement between zones