Videotec announces the ULISSE EVO camera, another technologically innovative step forward in their pursuit of increasingly high-performance and reliable video surveillance products. This new versatile PTZ camera offers performance, competitiveness, and design at an unprecedented level. 

The result of meticulous and dedicated planning, ULISSE EVO is a combination of technology and design that guarantees the highest levels of security for monitoring urban areas, critical infrastructures, transport, traffic and railways (in accordance with the railway standards).

The Super low-light, Full HD, 1080p, 60 fps IP camera with 30x optical zoom and integrated Delux technology offers unbeatable clear and detailed images with vivid colors, day or night. The camera’s motion detection function, with privacy masking feature, allows intelligent management of areas and immediate raising of alarms if an unwanted intrusion is detected.

ULISSE EVO can operate with maximum efficiency constantly, even in presence of hostile environmental conditions and temperatures from -40°C to + 65 ⁰°C. The IK10 and IP66/IP67/IP68 protection ratings guarantee maximum resistance to dust and severe weather, hard impacts, and vandalism.

The camera is also equipped with a wiper to ensure a clear view in any environmental conditions. An LED illuminator is available to give visibility even in total darkness. This comes as a separate accessory, with 850nm, 940nm or white light, and can be integrated directly into the unit. The camera will automatically recognize the type of illuminator installed and calibrate the light beam accordingly.

ULISSE EVO stands out due to its modern, linear design that combines maximum strength and operational reliability with greatly reduced weight. This means easy and quick assembly, and therefore lower installation and maintenance costs.

ULISSE EVO can be installed in different ways, even in the inverted position typical of the speed domes, using the large variety of brackets and adaptors available to satisfy every installation need. The brackets are also available with quick connectors for Ethernet/PoE, for power and I/O, which allow fast and easy installation operations.

ULISSE EVO is available in two standard colors black or grey-white to suit specific application requirements.