The Westermo Webinar (Introducing the next generation industrial switch platform) has held on September 10. Ten years ago, the first-ever Industrial Ethernet switch, powered by the leading-edge industrial network operating system WeOS (Westermo Operating System) was launched. Today, many thousands of devices have been sold, providing reliable network solutions in mission-critical systems worldwide. Westermo innovations continue to revolutionize the world of industrial data communications, with our extremely robust and reliable Ethernet products making the brand synonymous with the best industrial networks.

In this short webinar where Westermo product managers Henrik Jerregård and Bo Janson will introduce the next generation of industrial data communications products, which have been designed to meet the challenges of the future. The next-generation switch platform integrates hardware, software and network design support. Our new switch platform provides the most reliable networks, offering the lowest total cost of ownership, designed and approved for use in more industries and with the most advanced capabilities, both now and into the future.