The Moxa MASC 2019 took place on 16 – 17 July 2019 in KSA.

eWorld provides a wide range of Industrial IP Surveillance that delivers safety and security, Data Communication, Automation systems, networked and bundled for easy integration. Through a unique synthesis of industry and technical expertise, eWorld has established a reputation as a leader in implementing and maintaining Industrial Networking, Safety and security, and Telecommunication projects.

Industrial Data Communications and Networking is a very complex and mission-critical domain. In order to operate and deploy these networks, specialized knowledge and exposure to the latest innovation are highly required. MASC event is an ideal platform for Industrial Professionals as it would focus on the latest Networking Solutions and some Real-Life Applications being used at Critical Sites. In MASC you will come across topics such as networks, networking devices, Ethernet, TCP/IP, resilience management, IGMP, EAP, VLAN’s and QoS, and you will receive a recognized certification from MOXA, a leading Industrial Networking company, as proof of the knowledge acquired.

The purpose of this event is to empower you with a greater depth of knowledge of networking and the Moxa latest product range.

MOXA Products and Solutions are specifically designed and used across different Vertical Markets like Oil-Gas, Road and Railways Automation, Power Substation Transmission and Distribution, Water Utilities and others, to provide reliable and economical Networking for Critical Infrastructures.