Easy World Automation - westermo-2019-webinar

The Westermo Webinar has held on March 28. The way we use digital communications to support industrial control systems is continually changing. This is driven by many factors including the need for 24/7/365 visibility, digitization of processes, IIoT, and new regulations. The way we communicate over long distances is also changing. Not so long ago we used dial-up modems over landlines and 2G networks or modems over leased lines.

Today, the increased need for broadband communications is sweeping away these old methods and technologies, with the Internet becoming the new media of choice and IP the method of transmitting data. But there is still a huge number of legacy serial devices that have a long service life ahead of them. The cost of replacing all these devices with an IP equivalent would be astronomic and largely unnecessary.

In this short webinar, Westermo’s Network Technology Director Ray Lock will explain how to migrate legacy serial devices from dial-up or leased line modems communications to serial over IP broadband. Sign up to benefit from over 20 years of experience that we have gained from solving customer data communication issues around the world.

The most important topics reviewed:

  • Differences between streaming (modems) and packetized (IP)
  • How the conversion from serial to IP works
  • How ATD dialup over IP works
  • Leased lines/dialup over broadband
  • Migrating RS-485 multidrop to IP
  • Potential issue and their mitigation
  • Scaling up, how to migrate large serial leased line or dialup modem system
  • Serial over UDP or TCP, what’s best for your application
  • Increased resilience when using IP broadband