Per Erik Strandberg’s automated software testing research approved by the academic review committee

Within Westermo’s product development, quality and reliability have always had the highest priority. As the need for more complex and secure networks grows, greater demands are being placed on the software that powers today's networking products. To support this Westermo continues to enhance its software testing practices, supported by research performed by Westermo’s Per Erik Strandberg.

Per Erik Strandberg are one of two Software Test Leaders at Westermo and one of the driving forces behind the automated test framework used for validating software developed by the company. In a collaboration between Westermo Research & Development and the Mälardalen University, Per conducts research about software testing. He recently completed his licentiate degree including a thesis entitled `Automated System Level Software Testing of Networked Embedded Systems’. The thesis was approved by an academic review committee consisting of professors and lecturers from several Nordic universities.

“The review process was a tough experience where my research was put to the test. I was pressured with many tough questions from a very competent board. I am very happy that my research was approved by the committee. It is a confirmation that we are doing things right here at Westermo. Westermo is already at the forefront of software testing and by supporting research, we are able to continue delivering the best software on the market,” says Strandberg.

Westermo provides networking products that are often used for critical industrial control systems. For these type of systems, network failures are not an option, with continuous reliable operation required. Software quality assurance is essential in delivering robust and reliable networks.

However, software testing is costly, repetitive and in worst case scenarios can delay the delivery to customers. Per’s research is focused on changing this through efficiency improvements and automated test procedures. The research investigates topics such as how tests can be performed smarter, how the number and types of test can be optimized and the type of hardware that is used to perform the testing. Another important aspect of the research is how to analyze test data and how to make the best use of that data.

“Westermo’s software testing strategy is vital in ensuring that we deliver the best and most reliable software for our networking products. My research will lead to more efficient testing and provide better and more useful data to the software development department, says Strandberg. “I am happy to be part of a team that is committed to delivering the world’s most robust networks and this ambition is attracting attention from industrial companies and organizations from around the world. We are taking the lead in software quality assurance for industrial network solutions.